Monday, February 22, 2010

Hobbes, meet Ginger

the turtle rescue cat.

Ginger is the resident owner of the turtles at the rescue center on South Padre Island. When we visited there yesterday, she had everything under control. Here we see her resting from her labors. She lay comfortably atop the check-out counter in the gift shop. She opened one eye only long enough to see who was rubbing her behind the ear. (Perhaps this human behavior accounts for the thinness of the hair behind the irresistably cute ear that was being discussed in the blogosphere last week thanks to Chuck's observation about Midnight's near-baldness in that area.)

The turtles are well-cared for and the goal is to rehabilitate them to their natural environs following injury or illness. There was one rather large creature who had arrived only the previous day, having probably been run through the machinery in a dredging operation. Hopes are not so high as they are for many others, but he is being treated and medicated for pain.

Interesting bit of time spent during a wonderful excursion. (Including consumption of cold boiled shrimp this long! =================================================.


Andrea said...


Lin said...

Ooooh, that is one good looking Stripey Lady!! Gees, we'll have to introduce Hobbes to Ginger! ;)

Sounds like a really cool place to visit, Vanilla. Thanks for the tour!

Vee said...

Cool pictures!

Secondary Roads said...

We could learn a lot from a cat like that.

vanilla said...

And blessings for you, Andrea.

See, Lin, I told you I was thinking of you and Hobbes while on the Island expedition!

Thanks, Vee. I have others, but I can't post them all!

And what lesson should we take away from this feline, Chuck? Complacency, or contentment?

Walk Into the Bible Study/ Jennifer Landsberger said...

She's so cute....and she does look a lot like Hobbes! I love going to aquariums and sea rescue places...might have to check it out.

vanilla said...

Jennie, if you are on South Padre, do visit this place. And on your way down there, stop at Corpus Cristi to visit the Texas State Aquarium, truly worth the time.