Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blogger Block Blurb

Right. If only I had a thought in my head.


Vee said...


Thought maybe you were having too much fun to blog - that how I keep up with you.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

That is a good one!! It actually is funny how ever since I started my blog, that everything I see or what happens in life suddenly seems like it would make a good post!! :-)

hope you are having a good weekend! Debby

vanilla said...

Vee, there is a saying (song, maybe) that says, "There's no such thing as having too much fun." It may well have been written by someone at a much younger age than that which I have attained.

Debby, there is so much about which to blog. If only the words would come. Happy weekend to you, too.

Lin said...

Life is a blog post--that is what I told Chuck this morning!

Thanks for the kind words about my kitty, Vanilla. We are all very worried--still about our furry friend. Your prayers and thoughts have helped me deal as best I can. :)

vanilla said...

Looking forward to many more exploits from his Stripey Goodness, Lin.