Thursday, December 27, 2018

Progress in Perfect

This is the  view from our kitchen window on Christmas
Day, on Christmas Day in the morning.
A commercial well drilling company is moving in, 
is moving in to our neighborhood.

A closer look at the goings on 
the goings on, a closer look
at t he goings on in our neighborhood.
Here we are looking back at our house, 
back at our house from the other side of
the construction site.  
The big trees are ours.

 Across the road Verizon has blessed us with 
a honking big tower, a great big tower.

On the parcel next to the tower we are building a jail, 
we are building a big new jail.
(The community may or may not be growing, but
evidently the criminal element is, 
for it will have eighty beds, eighty beds,
thrice the number we have now.)

(To the tune and lilt of "Lazy Mary Will You Get Up."  
See if that get stuck in your head.) 


Secondary Roads said...

All that construction brings jobs. Happy New Year.

Grace said...

I don't know that song (tho the title seems vaguely familiar). I'm glad there is no progress where I live and the only thing I see when I look out my windows is sky and trees! (Okay, if I look down I see lots of cars in the parking lot which is surrounded by trees...)

vanilla said...

Chuck, yes, of course. Looking for the pony we find that hew construction provides work for many. (Not nearly so many as before the day of computerized, mechanized construction techniques, but machinery itself provides employment for others. Tra la.)
Happy new year to you as well!

Grace, as I am fond of saying, "Not all change is progress." But Chuck just gave me a set of rose colored glasses through which to view the whole thing.

Vee said...

And you thought you lived in a peaceful space just beyond the busyness of Perfect. Once true!

We don't live in Perfect, but progress where we live includes cracked walls from blasting, trees being uprooted, and front yards disappearing to become roads. Peaceful, quiet, and beautiful are not words that describe most neighborhoods these days. The motto seems to be, "If it's beautiful, seek and destroy."

vanilla said...

Vee, indeed. If it is empty, develop it; if it is more than twenty years old, redevelop it. Well, my spouse has a developer's heart (I often tell her that) for she seldom sees a property that she could not "improve."

Lin said...

I see the mixed blessings....and I understand how hard it is to see all that change around your immediate surroundings. Empty space quickly fills up, unfortunately...but like Chuck said--it is nice to see things growing in your community. Hopefully, those are quiet neighbors.

vanilla said...

Lin, I am guessing the inmates won't provide any noise and as for the well drillers I think any work they do that creates noise will be off-site. 😊