Friday, December 7, 2018

C'mon, Fingers, Thaw!

 Here we go!  Leaving the house for an evening of
cookies and candy and hot cider on The Square.

 And who should greet us there but Old Saint Nick--
or an imposter:  looks suspiciously young for a white beard.

 Even the old stone court house is in a festive mood (mode).
Me doubting that stones have "moods."

And whom should we meet on the street but my most-recently
born greatgrandson, age three months.

 Then we arrived safely home in spite of the biting cold and
the arduous walk.  (Six blocks, and that is arduous-- for us.)

Haven't mastered the "selfie"  Actually something
these folk seldom engage in.


Vee said...

Fun evening!

vanilla said...

Yes, but cold!

Lin said...

VERY cute selfie!!

What a nice night out! It's nice that you could walk there and not have to drive. It's a beautiful community in which you live.

I sent you a Christmas your p.o. box for a package.

Grace said...

Your house looks so pretty! It does look cold but it also looks like you had fun!

Jono said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Coleen said...