Monday, December 10, 2018

Jigsawyers at it Again

This picture was taken on the --st birthday of BBBH

and sweet Erin had it made into a puzzle and presented it to us.

Lest you assume that the picture chopped into bits and pieces, as it was, was entirely too easy to assemble, I hereby attest that it was more difficult than it looks.  Witness that when down to the last eight pieces there was no way it would go together, hence, BBBH , persevering to the end, disassembled a portion of it and did it over.  Success!

Thank you, Erin!


Grace said...

Super fun gift!

Lin said...

What a fun gift!

vanilla said...

Grace, a thoughtful and fun gift for these old puzzlers.

Lin, she couldn't have picked a better gift. Well, maybe a prettier picture? (Just kidding, we are all enamored of ourselves, nicht wahr?

Secondary Roads said...

Alternate title: Puzzling.

vanilla said...

Chuck, yes, it is (was).