Friday, March 2, 2018

Telephony, or Tell A Phony

The telephone was conceived as a convenience.  We pay considerable money for telephone service.  It is, therefore, our telephone line, our number.  It is a pain in the neck.

Just when I start to give people the benefit of the doubt, someone somehow removes the doubt.  People are jerks.  Well, a lot of them, apparently.  I really want to think that people are good, and kind, and caring, and respectful of others.  Not so much anymore.

Telephone abuse.  Let me preface this by saying, yes, all our phone lines are listed on the "do not call" registry.  So what? The same type people who will hack your computer will abuse your telephone.  Some weeks the only calls received in my home are unsolicited solicitors, and most of them are disembodied voices.  "Hi, I'm Elizabeth," and so on.  Try talking to Elizabeth.  Also, guess who is paying for my telephone service.  Oh, wait.  I already told you.

Then we have the pharmacy.  Wakes me up at 9:01 a.m. to tell me my prescription is ready at. . . And so on.  I know I ordered the meds; I know when I plan to pick it up.  Leave me alone!

And the medical profession generally.  "We are calling to remind you that you have an appointment with. . ."  Calendar.  They cannot imagine that I keep a calendar?  What is the matter with people?  Also, after the appointment, "Do you have a few minutes to answer some questions regarding your recent visit to ____ Medical Facility?"  No.  I wasted enough time in the waiting room when I was there.

Then there are the calls we initiate.  Disembodied voice:  "If you are a current customer. . . press 1; if you. . ." and so on and so on.  "If you want to hear this menu again. . ."  Yikes!  Then press five to talk to a customer service representative.  "All our associates are currently busy with other customers.  We value you. . . please hold. . ."  (Elevator music; bad elevator music)

Well, you have been there.  Too often if your life is like ours; but then perhaps things are better where you live.  If you are on another planet.

Okay, good night.  I must get to bed, try to get some rest because "they" are coming to arrest me in the morning.  That's what I was told.  "You have four violations on your recent tax return and if you don't call this number today, you WILL be arrested in the morning!"  (I said, "Bring it on!"  But of course I was talking to the disembodied voice.)


Secondary Roads said...

The truth about human nature. It's not pretty.

vanilla said...

Chuck, ain't it awful?

Grace said...

I am going to be so happy to get rid of the landline - we have Nomorobo ( now so that has cut down on the junk phone calls tho the phone does ring once before the junk call is caught. You kinda get used to waiting for a second ring which indicates it is a 'real' phone call. It is free for landlines and since we got it the junk calls have almost totally stopped. Yes the automated calls from dr's and the pharmacy still get through but it isn't often enough to bother us. I've never gotten one of those scam IRS calls tho I sometimes wish I would so I could 'play' with them a bit.

vanilla said...

Grace, unfortunately we get as many, or more, undesirable calls on our cells as we do on the landline. You will be disappointed when you get the IRS call because it is a recording-- no responses, just on and on. At least that was the case here. Maybe it will be more fun for you.

Vee said...

Okay, I keep a calendar, but I like the reminder from the doctor's office. The call comes three days prior to the appointment, so that helps me with planning. That's because I only check my calendar when the day arrives. But then some people, actually most people, are more organized than I.

vanilla said...

Vee, I guess the doctors' offices know what they are doing, then.

Sharkbytes said...

yeah... I hate the phone anyway, and none of these improve my mood concerning said item. Today I got a call from the pump guy wanting to know why he hadn't received my payment. This was a real person. Also a really unhappy person. I told him that I had told him last week when he called that I set it up through Bill Pay and there is a delay before the check is processed. Of course, he thought I was lying. I promised him I was not. I think the date it was going out was today. Let's hope.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, a sort of can't live with it, can't live without it device.