Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Blessing of Enough

It is time once again to prep the turkey and dressing. I have been advised that this bird is much too scrawny to feed the gang, so I kept him on the premises in an attempt to fatten him up for the next Thanksgiving. Clearly, my efforts have failed.  Again.  (He shows up here on an annual basis, just to tease me, I guess.)

This is one smart old bird. He has figured out that by eating just enough for sustenance and the daily chore of obtaining enough provender against the next day, he has a much better chance of survival.  As, I might add, would we all.

He has so frustrated me that I am tempted to wring his scrawny neck purely as the vengeful treatment he so richly deserves. But I won't; he's become sort of a pet around here.  May I have another slice of that "tofurkey" please?

I wish you enough. Be ye thankful.

Word of the day:  tofurkey, which should never have been coined and for which there never should have been a reason for the coinage.


Grace said...

Happy Thanksgiving! and as a friend said "Gobble till you wobble"

Vee said...

He will always be my favorite turkey. And, yes, we do need to follow his example for eating.

vanilla said...

Grace, I've pretty much given up the days of such "gobbling," but I suspect I shall have enough!

Vee, I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that old bird. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharkbytes said...

no tofurkey for me, but we ate small, if not exactly balanced, and have no regrets

Coleen said...


vanilla said...

Coleen, happy Thanksgiving!