Monday, November 13, 2017

Culture in Perfect

Saturday for the second night in a row BBBH and vanilla were out and about.  Started the evening
with an AYCE catfish dinner followed by the theatah.

Our local players, Tipton Community Theater, presented "It's a Wonderful Life."  Who among us did not think "Jimmy Stewart" when we read that title?  Having seen the movie (who hasn't?) I was curious as to just how this tale would be presented on stage.  Not to worry.

The actors and prop managers transported us smoothly and quickly from a humdrum mid-America auditorium to Bedford Falls and we found ourselves absorbed in the affairs and travails of George Bailey and a small New England town.

To add to the pleasure of revisiting the story was the fact that the players on stage were our friends and neighbors some of whom surprised us with their thespian abilities and all of whom acquitted themselves with aplomb, panache, even.

Topped off the evening in the rotunda visiting, congratulating, and high-fiving the actors.

Anticlimax:  Into the FORD and home to FALL into BED.



Sharkbytes said...

nice- it's not my favorite story (I know, I'm a heretic) but I would see it on stage anyway. You may have noticed I often go to plays I don't like philosophically.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, you are one of those among us who is not a heretic. The story line is primarily pap and treacle and "philosophically" leaves something to be desired but I found the performance fun and entertaining. I am not one who "must" see the film on an annual basis; in fact it has been many years since I viewed it.

Grace said...

Oh goodie someone else who is not a fan of "It's a Wonderful Life" - I have never been able to see the charm of it. But y'all are having a good time getting out and about - I like 'live' theater and will sit through just about anything!

Vee said...

Sounds as though you had a fantastic evening.

vanilla said...

Vee, even old people can have fun.