Friday, July 14, 2017

Four-letter Words: Y and Zed

Approaching the end of the project the four-letter "y" word I choose is:


I have been influenced by my current environment in the selection of this word.  I am thinking of it in the sense that "She yaks incessantly about a lot of nothing or a little of everything."  My BBBH and her eldest daughter are on the other side of the room.  They have been yakking for over an hour and their mills show no sign of flagging.  Sometimes one talks, then the other, but frequently they are both talking at the same time.  Ninety miles an hour.

Please, take a breath.

yak (v.) to talk uninterruptedly and idly; gab; chatter.  You yak, she yaks, and so on.

Yaks is also a plural noun indicating large, shaggy-haired Asian buffalo.


For the ultimate four-letter word I have chosen


This is a wonderful word.  Just makes one feel all perky, does it not?

zest (n.) relish, gusto, piquancy.

"I admire one who undertakes a task with zest."  

Zest is also a culinary term referring to the use of the outer rind of an orange or a lemon for flavoring in certain concoctions.

"I used a grater to scrape the zest from the orange."




Vee said...

Now on to the "On Beyond Zebra" symbols.

vanilla said...

Vee, humpf. I believe that is outside the purview of the current endeavor. And besides, I don't have the font set for those letters.

Secondary Roads said...

He yaks with zest. At least he did when I knew him years ago, and I suspect he is still going with great zeal.

Some special characters are included in the extended ASCII character set. You can access them by holding the [control] key on your computer keyboard and then enter a three digit number between 129 and 255 on the number key pad (not the numbers above the letters.

vanilla said...

Chuck, one zealous yakker, he.

I do not have a number key pad. Lucky me. (I opted for 15" laptop, had to go to 17" for the key pad which I virtually never used anyway.)

Secondary Roads said...

I always use the the number pad when entering numbers. Having trained myself to use it, it seems the easiest and fastest way to enter digits.