Tuesday, July 18, 2017

County Fair Time, 2017

The annual 4-H Fair has come and gone.  Typically the weather was only semi-cooperative.  A significant portion of the time was too hot and/or too wet.  But it is now history.  Someone suggested the dates might be shifted in hopes of somewhat cooler weather.  But it is Indiana, so . .  .

 This little piggy wears her heart on her shoulder.

 The merchants displayed their wares.

The kids submitted their projects for judging.

And a good time was had by many.


Secondary Roads said...

A great time of year. Our county fair is in full swing. The new neighbors are showing their prize-winning llamas. They are beautiful creatures.

vanilla said...

Chuck, we have a farm that raises llamas and alpacas just across the county line so none in our County that I know of, hints none at our 4-H Fair.

vanilla said...

Chuck, see what I did there? The voice-activated typing things works great-- but for homophones, and I haven't yet grasped the concept of more careful editing before I post. 🤓

vanilla said...

Then I wrote "things" where i meant "thing."

Vee said...

Fairs - fun. Hot weather - not.

vanilla said...

Vee, the evenings we picked actually weren't too hot at all.