Monday, June 26, 2017


I retired 27 years ago this week.  So why the dream about the corporation recognition party?

A lady and I were being "honored" for our long years of service  She was given a huge perhaps 5-gallon stone bottle with a two-inch diameter cork.  It was filled with cologne.  I do not know what the message was.

The superintendent handed me four, count 'em four, slices of white bread on each of which he had slathered a dab of strawberry jam.  Handed literally.  They lay in the palm of his hand as he presented them to me.

21 years of faithful and honest service.  And.  I. Do. Not. Eat. White. BreadImage result for jam and bread
I may someday relate the true story of my "recognition" by my employer.  Don't hold your breath.


Secondary Roads said...

And what was the message of the bread--white bread at that?

vanilla said...

Chuck, I am still trying to puzzle that out.