Friday, May 26, 2017

Four-letter Words: J and K

I so wanted "joy" to be a four-letter word, but alas, not so.  Thus I have chosen instead:


jars (v.t.)  That jars me to the very core of my being.

jars (n. plural)  Containers for the thing contained. (ha-ha)
 I chose jars as a happy word because it was the labor of my father in the gardens and the toil of my mother in the kitchen that put the produce in the jars.  We were then fed sumptuously over the long winter months.  Mama cleaned, pared, and "canned" the produce in jars which she processed, I think seven at a time, in a large pressure cooker.  She was terrified the whole time it was in use which was hours and hours over many long days.  She was afraid the thing might blow up.  It never did.  Mama died at age 83 and a few years later I saw the pressure cooker in the trash bin at the alley awaiting its final trip to the landfill.  
Ball Mason Canning Jar w/ Zinc Lid & Sealing Rubber

Man has been making and using jars for thousands of years.  Early jars, of course, were made of clay and perhaps even of stone prior to that.  We read in the Book of Genesis that Isaac said to the beautiful woman at the well, "Lower you jar and draw water that I might drink."  She replied that she would not only give him to drink, but his camels also.  What a woman! 

The material changes, but the purpose remains the same: storage and transportation of the thing contained.  Mother's canning jars were Mason jars, glass, and preserved their contents beautifully.  Jars still make me happy.  So long, that is, as the contents are satisfying.


 "Every kiss begins with "k," says the jeweler's advertisement.  And mete it is that our word choice for "k" is


Kiss is another multipurpose word.  It may be a verb used either with or without an object, or a noun.

We are thinking here in our choice of the word of an expression of affection.  Though we may also consider that our skill in getting the cue ball to kiss lightly the object ball or the cushion was never refined to the point I would have liked.

A kiss may also be a small piece of candy.  Also a sweet, if not so sweet as the sign of affection. 


Grace said...

I gotta tell ya pressure cookers scare the bejabbers out of me too - and those old ones were heavy - blow the top off of one of those and you could do some real damage. I think jars can be pretty and they certainly are useful but I can't say I ever give them much thought.

vanilla said...

Grace, we all have a whole raft of "commonplace" items which make our lives easier, yet to which we give very little thought.

Vee said...

The fruits and vegetables Mom canned were delicious. Caned things found in grocery stores are really bland (and mushy). The upside is that we can get fresh fruits and vegetable year-round now.

vanilla said...

Vee, do you ever wonder where those fresh fruits and vegetables come from?

Vee said...

Yes, I do wonder where they are grown. Maybe southern Mexico? Lack of trust has me washing them thoroughly - usually in a light vinegar bath.