Monday, May 8, 2017

Are you kidding me?

Okay, I'm ticked.

We are ticked.

One of the daughters stopped in for a visit and we are grateful for that.


During the course of the evening she casually mentioned that we should consider moving into assisted living quarters.  "This place is just too much for you," she said.


Okay, so the vacuum cleaner has not been run in over a week, the layer of dust on the horizontal surfaces is less than an inch thick, and the cob webs sparkle in the light hither and thither.


The lawn is mowed and edged, the gutters are clean, and from the outside no one can see what is inside.


Darn few people ring our doorbell.

Actually, the woman may be right.  But please allow us a few moments of disgruntlement.  I mean, we thought she would be the one that would want us to move into her home when we reached our dotage.

(While the above is true, I share it in fun.  No one is mad at anyone.  I think.)


Grace said...

Or they could offer to help...

Secondary Roads said...

Fortunately for us, those days are not visible from here.

vanilla said...

Grace, likely.

Chuck, hope not for a long time-- either there or here.

Lin said...

It's a tough one....maybe have someone come in once a week to get some stuff done?? My in-laws had a person come in to help clean out the refrigerator or run and get groceries. You know, do some of the stuff that you don't have the inclination to do anymore. I think assisted living is a stretch. There are so many options to keep you in your home now.

They used HomeInstead and are very happy with them. And it is up to you how much you want them to do and how often.

Jim Grey said...

Ooo, your daughter got to have The Dreaded Conversation.

Sounds like you took it all right!

vanilla said...

Lin, life doesn't necessarily get easier just because one gets older. I think we are not yet ready for "a l" but it might be the case that we need to consider a smaller house with less stuff. But that is difficult, too.

Jim, I suppose it was inevitable that one of the kids would eventually broach the subject, but it is w-a-a-a-y too soon. Surely it must be.

Vee said...

We have not yet had this suggested by offspring, but this week I did get a lecture from a son about step ladders. Note to self: Stay off of ladders in the presence of children.

vanilla said...

Vee, so you are not going to follow the "kid's" advice but you are not going to let him see you not following it.

Vee said...

Pretty much.

vanilla said...

Vee, yeah, I take advice from my kids, too.