Friday, May 12, 2017

Four-letter Words: G and H

I have a good friend for whom his word of choice for "g" would no doubt be golf.  He plays golf, and as he gets older his nearly-sole tv entertainment is watching golf.  But my four-letter word for "g" is:


This is a happy word, evoking balloons, bright ribbons, and sunshine.  Maybe even pinatas and cake!  It is a festive word.  Of course it is, for a synonym might be "festival."  Or carnival, jubilee, party, jamboree, or celebration.  Are these not all happy words?

Merely selecting this jubilant word for your pleasure today makes me glad.  Enjoy. 

With so many wonderful 4-letter words starting with "h" it is a difficult choice indeed.  Hero, head, hymn, hues, holy.  See how tough it is!

 But on to our "h" word:


In written communication this word is often used to express mild amusement, imitative of the sound of laughter, or even a brief way to say "just kidding."  But that is not why I chose the word. 

ha-ha (n.)  A ha-ha is a vertical fence built into a depression to prohibit access to an area by animals or vehicles yet not obstructing the view from the elevation above the fence.

The word in this particular construct has always amused me, so to speak.  Ha-ha.  I hope you like it. 

We would do well to erect a ha-ha or two in our lives to keep undesirable things at a distance, yet a wall that does not obstruct our view of life's beauty.


Vee said...

"Hero" could have been your "h" word as it describes you in my life - maybe since my day one.

vanilla said...

Vees, awww; such kind words from my little sister.