Monday, February 16, 2015

It was inevitable.

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Prior to this week, I had never so much as heard of a "selfie stick."*  Our technology has developed to the point that we can always maintain contact with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  It has been equipped in such a way that it can be utilized to ensure that we never have to be in contact with another human creature.

So it is that since we no longer need each other, it is critical that one be able to fend for himselfie in all circumstances.  Therefore, one must be able to record the activities of the selfie. For a mere thirty bucks or so, you, too, can be the prideful owner of a selfie stick.  You may prance and preen for the camera without the assistance of another.

Now we can record every step in life
With no need for friend or wife.
Anywhere, everywhere snap a selfie
Store the memory stick on a shelfie 
For no one else gives a crappie
Now doesn't that make your ego happy?

New York City
Sunday afternoon, February 15

The MoMA announced today that it will impose a ban on the selfie stick on its premises.

Now there is someone who got it right.  A bold statement and a move in the right direction.

*I should have anticipated the introduction of this gizmo, for BBBH gave me a camera for Christmas which has a screen on the lens side for the express purpose of framing "selfies."  I don't know whether or not it works.


Vee said...

True, no one else gives a "crappie."

Grace said...

The Smithsonian museums have also banned the selfie stick...While my husband is incapable of taking a photograph, I am not all that fond of having my photo taken - true I have a camera on my computer but I have found the results so disappointing (camera don't lie, but photoshop does)that posterity will be denied of my existence.

Secondary Roads said...

Narcissus at pool would ogle himself.
Next he had a mirror on the shelf.
Now with camera and stick
and a quiet click.
He makes love to himself.

vanilla said...

Vee, and yet narcissists never get that.

Grace, there should be a few pix for posterity. ;-)

Chuck, that is great! Well played.

KC Bob said...

Have never taken a selfie but am not opposed to the idea.

vanilla said...

KC Bob, I can't even say that. I was sitting in a Dr's ofc once, photographed myself in the mirror on the opposite wall. Don't ask why; I forget.

Sharkbytes said...

Pretty funny! I do take the occasional selfie since it's a way to prove I was somewhere.