Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is "Squash" spelled ess-cue-you-ay-ess-aitch?

One of the blessings we have in being housebound during the recent snow/cold event is the time for games.  Scrabble is the favorite, though we have been known to do Phase 10, SkipBo, and Rummikub.

It has been Scrabble for the most part this past week.
After supper as I finished redding up, BBBH said, "Wanna play a game?"  I said, "Sure."  I should have turned and noted the fire in her eye.  For we settled into the game, and it was soon clear that she was playing with a "Take No Prisoners" approach.

Usually our scores are fairly close, each of us scoring in the 300 to 330 range.  While she wins her share, imo, I had won perhaps three previous games in a row.  

She crushed me.  Final score:  BBBH - 394; vanilla - 232.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. --Proverbs 16:18  KJV


Shelly said...

Ha! Those take no prisoners games of Scrabble are some of the best entertainment around! Hoping you all get some good weather soon-

Sharkbytes said...

Don't know Phase 10, but If you like word games, Marie and I are addicted to Quiddler.

Lin said...

It's hard for us to find games that the two of us can play as most games need more than just 2. We like backgammon or Sequence lately. I also just bought a 1000 piece puzzle yesterday. We need something other than sitting on the computers.

vanilla said...

Shelly, for good entertainment, Scrabble is hard to beat. Temps, mid-30s, snow melting.

Sharkey, we have not done Quiddler. Perhaps we'll check into that.

Lin, We like Sequence, too. We adapted the rules of Phase 10 to better suit two players, and to speed up the game. Skip Bo is fast, and mindless, except one does have to be careful not to miss a play. We think Rumminkub is an excellent two-person game. We do many jigsaw puzzles.

Grace said...

Scrabble is the only game I play much to my husband's dismay - he comes from a family of manic Cribbage players.

vanilla said...

Grace, I tried cribbage once. The players counting stuff like "12,4, and 15 is 24" drove me nuts. Arithmetic as she was never learned. By me, anyway.