Monday, November 25, 2013

Geosynchronous Orbit

twinkle, twinkle in the sky
22000 miles from my eye
pretty lights of red and green
from my front door can be seen
on a night so cold and clear
satellite, why are you here?
so your xm won’t fade away
as you listen all the day

and night.

Through the eye of the point-and-shoot camera.

 Blowup shows colors of the lights.

How difficult is it to hold the camera still at 26x?
I need a tripod.  And a more sophisticated camera.

This geosynchronous satellite is visible from our front door whenever the night sky is clear.  To the naked eye its position varies very little from night to night.  I believe this particular object is situated at 85.0 degrees west longitude. For a scientific explanation of this, you will need to look elsewhere.
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