Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home from Madison County

We had four wonderfully relaxing days at Mounds State Park. Nice trails, good food, camaraderie and fellowship.  

 Ever hear of an "exclosure"?  No?  Me, too.

"Plant community" might mean "flora."  But, never use two syllables if five will do.

A major impact the white-tailed deer have in Indiana is on the vehicular community.


Shelly said...

It looks beautiful there, and I love that I've already learned a new word this early in the morning!

Secondary Roads said...

It is interesting what some folks do to (or with) language. There is a plethora of evidence.

Anonymous said...

A paucity of good sense if you ask me...(Wait - are we using polysyllabic words or esoteric ones?)

vanilla said...

Shelly, a beautiful place indeed. And I, too, learned a new word.

Chuck, between your plethora and Grace's paucity, I am having a vocabulary field day here!

Grace, ooh; you are giving me a headache. Is is an issue of the polysyllabic or the esoteric? And yes, what is wrong with common sense these days? It is all too uncommon.

Sharkbytes said...

You have captured the quintessence of scholarly prose.

vanilla said...

Shark, more of the vocabulary exercise! Yes, I suspect that doctoral theses are rife with just such things.