Friday, January 14, 2011


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What an opportunity to get away from it all. We have checked into a wilderness campground where there is no internet connection, the television will get me Rachel Ray, Judge Judy and John Hagee. Thus, there is no television, either.

I did pull out the phone to call my sister. So we know that good ol' AT&T has a tower somewhere in the vicinity.

How are we to deal with being so unplugged? Not a problem for BBBH, for she has a couple of LaVyrle Spencers she hasn't yet completed and a double handful of other books. And too, I rather hope she will continue to prepare a few meals along the way.

But for me, I thought to sort and arrange my pictures, a job desperately in need of doing and one for which I never find time, for I am always reading something in the blogosphere, or comics, or newspapers online. Or occasionally writing for "String Too Short to Tie."

So when I sat down here to do some of these long neglected tasks, what should occur to me but that I could write anyway and save it for a connectable day, which may well come somewhere past the middle of the month. Won't it be fun for you, reading stale blogposts?

We are at a Florida park called Collier Seminole State Park. It is probably 12 or 15 miles south of Naples on the Tamiami Trail. It is in a wildlife refuge, replete with cougar warning signs. Rather than tremble, I prefer to think the kitties will be more afraid of me than I of them. I do, of course, hope that Cookie does not serve as a snack for some beast of the wild. Or for one of the neighbors' dogs for that matter. On the lot to our right are two rottweilers, on the left, a standard poodle about the same size (and temperament) as the rotties. Directly across the lane is a creature straight out of the Arctic region, so it appears, even though it is not hitched to a sled. Sixty yards to the left is a beautiful golden retriever. In fact I am beginning to wonder if possession of a dog is required for admittance into the park. Maybe the rangers feed them to the cougars on Saturday night. Silly thought.

Posted thanks to the kind generosity of friend Marna who invited us to connect to his wifi, and grilled steaks for us to enjoy. Gotta go eat. Chow. I mean, ciao!


Anonymous said...

I generally have at least two weeks' worth of blog posts queued up. Right now, my blog is locked and loaded until Feb. 10! There's nothing stale about a post written in advance!

Anonymous said...

Was wondering where ya were - I don't have to be connected 24/7 but I do need an hour or two a day, else I get twitchy...

Silver said...

I have been wondering myself as you had not posted for the last 6 days.

haha.. special feast for the cougars on Sat night? Oh no!

Stay safe,

vanilla said...

Jim, I also queue posts ahead, but usually only about five days worth. When I'm disconnected from the world, I still try to write some, then post when I'm reconnected.

Grace, yeah; I recognize the signs of addiction. I gotta have an hour or two, also. Miss your writings.

vanilla said...

Felicia, you counted the days? Aww, I'm touched. We made it out of that park with Cookie intact and no cougar sightings. Plan to be in Naples yet another week, different locale.