Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where in...

Mgr. Jeff and BBBH


Amy Armadillo, Punta Gorda Lemon, sunglasses!

Dateline: Punta Gorda, Florida

Approximately five hours of driving and a great brisket bbq at Weeki Wachee on the way down put us in this South Florida locale about five o'clock. After perusing the camper's guide, which directed us to numerous grounds where one could drop beaucoup bucks for parking overnight, we drove leisurely down US 41 (there is no other way to drive this road) and spotted a, well not Mom and Pop since it is Pop only campground, where $20 covers the whole hook-up deal. For this area, hey, what's not to like. And wi-fi, too!

Credit: Google Maps


Secondary Roads said...

that's a long way from South Texas. Sorry to read that you are missing the beauty of the snow. I really do understand that you don't miss it. Thinking of you friend.

Vee said...

What is your destination, or are you there now?

vanilla said...

Chuck, indeed. We've driven far enough to get to South Texas, and yet we are farther away from there than we were at home. :-( But it's okay here. So far.

Vee, still some miles to go. email in your inbox.

Sharkbytes said...

Great choice- glad you could stay in touch.

vanilla said...

Shark, wifi availability is not universal, but it's nearly everywhere in this area.

Silver said...

Wow. Then that's a great deal!