Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Warm Days, Chilly Nights

We have been enjoying the weather here as described in the heading of the post. Until we decided to scooter down the road about three miles for seafood lunch at Cracklin' Jack's, A Taste of the Everglades.

Not that the tv weather girl hadn't warned us. So although it was occluded, we decided at 1:30 to take off down the road. Comfortable ride, leisurely taken. I had the mahi mahi plate. The fish was very good, and the fries and hush puppies were excellent. BBBH had a combo catfish/baby back ribs, the quality and taste of which she found satisfying.

Then we stepped into the parking lot, and just as we were donning our helmets, Addad, Tefnut, Tlaloc, Chac, Zeus, Nature, or whoever is in charge of rain these days let it loose. We were quite wet when we arrived home. And I had on a clean pair of jeans, one of only three I seem to have brought along. Oh, well, they're wet, not dirty!

Side note: We got a kick out of the fact that one item on the menu was "liver and onions." Right. We are going to the Gulf Coast to eat liver and onions. In fact, I am going anywhere I am not eating liver and onions.


Secondary Roads said...

I am with you brother! A liver is the bodily equivalent of an oil filter. And who would never want to eat an oil filter? Even the thought of that sickens me! Hang tough.

Vee said...

I just so disagree with the liver and onion comment. I like liver and onions - calf liver, chicken liver both.

vanilla said...

Chuck, you are so absolutely and incontravertibly right!

Vee, I remember. It was only that I didn't want it that you didn't have to fight me for the chicken liver. ;-)

Sharkbytes said...

My dad would have loved the seafood. I actually like liver and onions.

vanilla said...

Shark, I eat a lot of seafood when we are on the Gulf Coast. Nom!