Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hidalgo County

The median household income in Hidalgo County, Texas is just 60% of the MHI nationwide. This means that the area is among the poorest of all U S counties.
Notwithstanding this economic condition, the winter weather is perfect for us northerners whom the locals affectionately refer to as "Winter Texans." The influx of these short-term residents raises the population considerably from December to April. And no doubt increases the average age of the population a good bit too. Just looking around the park we have chosen to occupy suggests that the average age in this little community is about 78.4 years. Like all good statistics, that one is made up to suit the purposes of the writer.

The weather is perfect in January and February, but it tends to get a bit much temperature-wise in the summertime. I followed the stats last summer from the comfort of my Hoosier 85/85 weather, and I noted many days where the temperature here soared well above the 105 degree mark. Well, that is why we travel back and forth, for from the comfort of our 85/15 weather here, I monitor the near zero weather back home.

We're lovin' it.


Secondary Roads said...

As long as I don't see you write, "Isn't that a revoltin' development," you can be Riley.

vanilla said...

Okay, Chuck. I'll try not to forget who I am.