Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Centrality of Christ

Sermon by Rev. D. W. Lacy (1910-1999). I have transferred some of his sermon outlines to digital database. Reading the outline is not at all the same as hearing this man of God delivering a message. However, it is my hope that you will derive a blessing from following the line of thought.

“Christ Himself is the center of God’s wise plan for salvation.”

2 Cor 5:14b For the love of Christ constraineth us. Five wonderful words: “Christ’s love hedges me in.”

1. My prayer for you today is: “That the love of Christ may hedge you in, and bind you tightly while the current of his affection reciprocates with your spiritual nature.

2. God wants us to be governed by the Love of God, moved by the Spirit of God, dedicated to the glory of God.”

Sermon Body
There are three important scenes in the Lord’s life [which] took place on mountains.

Number one: When He preached the Beatitudes --Attitudes.
The practice of them brings a cross from the world.

Second: He showed the glory that lies beyond the cross.

Third: He offered himself in death as a prelude to His glory for all who believe and practice His presence.
Scenes from the life of our Lord complement and intertwine, though each of them is separately keyed to Supreme thought.
The Supreme thought [is] redemption of mankind.
So he chose men through whom he could communicate policies.
1. He chose to involve mankind with him in redemptive grace, knowledge, and transformation of character as teacher.

2. He chose Peter (Little Rock), John the Visionary. They had shortcomings, were incomplete.
They needed teaching and example.
1. They needed to see His Authority and Glory beyond the scandal of the cross.

2. They saw the beauty of the Godhead when Divine Light shone within, correcting false conceptions of Christ.
(a) We need our false concepts corrected.
(b) Peter and James were throne seekers--Who will be first?
What we really need to know is: Christ’s cross came near, unveiling His glory. In the light of His cross He revealed the final steps [in the] fulfillment of His mission. At His baptism the heavens were opened. At His transfiguration they opened again to install Him as mediator (advocate) for us before the Throne of God the Father.


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