Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Snow Post

In all likelihood, most bloggers from the Midwest through the Deep South will be posting pictures or stories about the winter, the ice and the snow. Not to be upstaged, I present these photos, but notice that the theme here is tranquility, for the most part. I nudged a window open on the sunporch to take the shot of the pampas grass and the back fence.
Lin over at Duck and Wheel with String
made this observation: "I especially like when the individual fence posts are capped--I like that god pays special attention to details on stuff like that." So I include this picture of our garden yard fence for her.
As for the less tranquil part of this tale, I like to imagine that if the Four Winds could make an observation it would be, "Whut th'?" It has never had to spend a winter in snow and zero temps.


Andrea said...

Four Winds is probably dreaming of a road trip to the beach.

Secondary Roads said...

Where the picture of your sign? You know the one, "Living here is not for the faint-hearted!"

vanilla said...

Andrea: Next week we hope!

Chuck: Read my license plate on Four Winds. That's my sign.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Yup, seems that snow has covered many parts of the world, both in the states and here in europe. it is snowing again as I write this! It does make it hard to get out and about, and that part I do not like, but I have to admit that seeing snow outside my windows does leave me with a tranquil inner peace. It calms me some how. Perhaps because one knows that it would be easier to stay at home and not be out to the stores, etc. so a relaxed feeling comes over me. I don't HAVE to get out anywhere, and it is a nice feeling! I love to look out the windows time and agian to see our snow. And like you, I enjoy how the snow leaves the most simple things looking special all of a sudden, like a fence, or a clothes line, and even the stack of bricks in our yard that suddenly have become a lovely sight. Have a good sunday. warmly, Debby

Lin said...

I passed a golf course last night, lined in trees with just the right amount of snow dusted on the branches. Ah, god did right again, I thought to myself. :)
Thanks for the fence post photo!

vanilla said...

Debby: The snow is quite nice when not wind-driven and one doesn't have to be out and about in the auto.

Lin: God as artist: He outstrips our every effort.
You are welcome.