Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

I have been a fan of half dozen blogs for several months; but I have not ventured to engage in the activity by publishing my own ramblings. My sister suggested that I might give it a whirl and one rainy evening a few days ago I set up a blogsite.

Sis describes my style as "sardonic" which I had to look up. I guess I thought "sardinic" and that that might somehow suggest small fish. Smelly small fish. The dictionary definition doesn't make it seem much better. At any rate be assured that any sarcasm you note in STSTT is intentional. And it is meant to be taken as humorous. Sardonic.


Vee said...

Told you that someday you would be a blogger. This must make me right again! In way of clarification, your style is "sardonic" as in "satirical/humorous":)

vanilla said...

Vee, of course. Right again as usual. Thanks for looking in.