Sunday, October 26, 2008


Not since GHW Bush vs. WJ Clinton has the choice been so difficult.

Americans know that our congress is the major problem in our government. Every cycle we hear the refrain, "Throw the rascals out." Yet time after time we re-elect the same rascals because our rascal is o.k. It is everyone else who is responsible for sending irresponsible people to congress.

Had I faith enough in the American people to believe that they would actually vote for no incumbent, regardless of party, I would not be so concerned about this presidential election. But that won't happen. Therefore it is my considered opinion that we must assume that the democrats will control both houses of congress and thus it is critical that a democrat must not be elected to the presidency.

There. Even-handed as I have been throughout this seemingly interminable campaign, I have made an endorsement of sorts. And I am serious about this. *

Abraham Lincoln was "The Great Emancipator" and Ronald Reagan was "The Great Communicator." Whoever our next president is, he must surely be "The Great Resonator." The talking heads incessantly tell us what "resonates" with the electorate. I'm tired of that, too.

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