Friday, October 24, 2008

Election Coming Soon to a Precinct Near You!

In less than two weeks E-Day will be upon us. The candidates continue their frenetic travels to titillate their followers with their presence among them. Yet there are probably not fifteen people in the country who have not yet decided for whom they will vote. But there are probably fifteen million (or more) who will lie to pollsters about this.

The candidates will have expended a billion bucks stumping for a job that pays less than half-mil and requires full-time attention, day and night, weekdays and weekends. And we think one or the other of them is smart enough to lead the country.

And someone attempts to raise a big stink about wardrobe expenditures by the national committee for a candidate. Well, la-di-dah. Please, don't let me go on with this.

Other than to drive the wedge deeper between the factions (parties) what is the overall result of this whole mess?
There will be plenty to dislike about an administration by either candidate. So when the heck are we going to start seeking to accomplish good things in concert with one another?

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