Saturday, June 9, 2018

Throw Pillows and Friendship

My blog pal, Grace, recently posted this line on her blog:

And no, I have never, I do not now, and I never will – have a throw pillow.

As I was sitting in our solarium/sunroom/porch glancing around at the decor, this sight met my eyes

 and I thought of Grace and laughed.

Illustration of some important things.  "It takes all kinds."  I still consider Grace to be my friend, and I hope she thinks the same about me.  "People don't have to agree on everything to be friends."  Which calls to mind this, that Opal said of her husband, Earl:  "If we agreed on everything one of us would not be necessary."

Thus I hope to promote that better world in which people can disagree and still get along.


Lin said...

I have throw pillows too....and "stuff" which makes my home "mine." As do you. As does Grace...and other friends. I agree...if we all did things the same, life would be very boring. I will take a debate on throw pillows over politics any day!

Grace said...

Oh my gosh you made my day! I've been fighting with my new iPad and I wasn't laughing till I saw this - Thank You!

I honestly do not understand throw pillows, neither does G. We used to watch those HGTV decorator shows and when they started piling up the throw pillows he used to say, bemusedly, "what are they for?" I could not help him 'cause I have no idea.

Also coffee tables - something to bang your shins on? He and I both tend to like open empty spaces LOL I've got stuff I don't really want around, way too much furniture but a lot of it is in service to the cats, like all the damn cat blankets I have on just about surface in the house. It's all for the cats, don'tcha know.

I have to admit I do have one throw pillow, at least I think that is what it could be described as, it is on top of the bookcase because - hell, I don't know why it's up there, not for the cats. I bought it to stuff inside a chair cushion that had gone flat - so even when it was used, it wasn't used for whatever purpose throw pillows are supposed to be used for.

I can admire or appreciate things without wanting said things for myself. I've always admired those folks who decorate for every season and occasion - so much work and thought (not to mention storage space) go into that sort of thing. It makes them happy I guess, and that's all that matters. (it makes my eyes roll back in my head, as I silently scream "Get rid of all this clutter")

vanilla said...

Lin, as you have observed first-hand what makes BBBH happy makes me happy. Mostly.

Grace, I love your wonderful comment here which is an addendum to my post and makes my day. We are still friends! My spouse and I have differing opinions about so many things. Coffee tables, for instance, which I don't like and which we have lived without for years, but this past fall she came wagging one home and I have avoided that area of the room ever since. The shins, as you might have guessed. Also clutter. But one might say that some of what is clutter to one person may be "pretties" to another. Let live, and be allowed to live.

Grace said...

More than friends, at least on my side, because, you know, I have the biggest crush on you...

vanilla said...

Grace, you make me smile often and that is a wonderful gift from you to me.

Sharkbytes said...

I'm with Grace on the pillow issue. They would take up space I need for all my other junk which covers every square inch!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, inundated with stuff as we are one would think throw pillows superfluous.

Vee said...

Hubby and I disagree concerning throw pillows. I put them on the sofa; he throws them on the floor before sitting down.

Opposites attract?