Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Guidelines for Humor

You just told a joke and it appears the auditor did not get it. Explain the joke or move on?

Move on.  Do not waste your time explaining.

Puns are often subject to failure to grasp.  Let it be.

Satire is often lost on certain people.  It is not your loss.  Unfortunately their failure to grasp the concept lends itself to misunderstandings that may be perpetuated by repeating the piece in the belief that it is a serious item.

Sarcasm for the most part should be avoided as a vehicle for humor.  Why?  Because it is not funny.

Also vulgarity is not funny  Allow no dirty jokes in your repertoire.  To the best of your ability, don't listen to them either.  They are demeaning to others and worse, to yourself.

Laugh a lot, but don't be the first to laugh at your own joke.  Maybe it isn't funny.  Heaven forbid.

He who brays at his own humor. . .