Sunday, October 22, 2017

Family Altar

I was blessed as a child to live in a home with two devoted Christian parents.
Needless to say it was a different time and in today's world not all families can practice the routine we followed.  But just to be clear: it is important for each family to make time for devotions within the home and insofar as possible that time should include all family members.
Our day started with gathering at the breakfast table where we partook together of God's provisions for the start of our day.  As soon as the dishes were cleared we all sat in the living area for "family altar."
A portion of scripture would be read aloud.  Each member of the family, even the youngest who could read, had a turn at reading. We discussed the verses read, Mama or Daddy leading but all were included and each person was encouraged to offer thoughts or questions.  Then we talked about the things we would address to the Lord in prayer. We all knelt at our respective places and in turn each person would pray aloud.
Following the devotional period the individual family members went about the beginning of his or her daily duties:  Daddy to work, Mother to the kitchen to make preparations for the maintenance of the home and the family's well-being, the children off to school or off to play depending on the age and the season of the year.
Whatever traditions are built and maintained in the home it is my opinion that none is more important to the spiritual health of the family and its members than is the "family altar," a cohesive devotional time.



Sharkbytes said...

We had one so disruptive that we were not able to do this. He was hoping to be sent to his room so he didn't have to participate. We would then have been able to hold the "event" without him, which defeated the purpose of "family" devotions. He has turned out to be the one who actually has some faith left. Weird, eh?

vanilla said...

Sharkey, strange as it may seem, I think it not all that uncommon that a "rebellious" youth embraces the faith later in life. Personal testimony.