Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Supper's On

BBBH:  Run over to DG and get a small sour cream.  Hurry!  Everything's ready and the sour cream is all moldy.

vanilla:  On it!

Half-mile to the store, grab the item from the cooler, get in line.  (One register open and there is ALWAYS a line.)  I am lucky, though, or so it seems.  First customer checkout almost complete and only one more between me and her.

She swipes card.  Fail.  Clerk reaches over card reader.  Peckity peck peck peck.  She swipes again.  Nothing.  Peckity peck peck peck.  She inserts card in chip reader.  Fail.

Clerk now leaves station to find manager.  Returns with manager in tow.  Manager, peckity, etc.
Swipe fail.  Manager opens what might be a secret compartment, retrieves screwdriver with strange tip.  She then steps over to the OTHER checkout station, removes card reader from its stand, turns it over, removes back.  Unscrews stuff inside, disconnects cable.  Carries object over to this checkout, lays it on counter.

Now the manager dismounts this card reader from its stand, inverts, etc.  Then she connects the cannibalized gizmo to this cable, reassembles, attaches gizmo to stand.  Then the clerk and the customer proceed to conduct business.  Manager says she will "take customers over here," as she goes to the idle register.

So man in front of me and I move on over.  He has only two items for which he pays cash.  That was quick.  My turn.  Manager rings me up, states tab, I look at empty card reader stand and say, "Oh, can't swipe my card?"

Yes, I did.


I had a ten-spot in my hand.  I thought it was funny, not sure the lady did.  I mean, it was near closing time and she had probably had a long day.

(This scenario took much.  Much.  Longer to play out than it took me to write out this account.)

Tacos were good, tummy is satisfied.  Will check into a little "Walker, Texas Ranger" now.


Lin said...

You are lucky she didn't whap you! :P

Secondary Roads said...

Cute. Very cute.

vanilla said...

Lin, had the ten in her hand before she could slap me.

Chuck, no. No it was not cute, Mama waiting at home, me tapping my foot in line? Nope.

Sharkbytes said...

ain't technology grand? I once had to check out of a Kroger with the power out. The cashiers were trying to take cash and use a calculator. I had 2 items and they couldn't manage it. I did it for them.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, it is still my belief that it will all cease to function one day and there will be no one left to run anything. "Not with a bang. . ."

Vee said...

My rule is, "never purchase ice cream at the Walmart" (at least until they provide a personal freezer to use while standing in line).

vanilla said...

Vee, good rule. I sit (snooze) on the bench by checkout #17 while BBBH waits in line. And wouldn't WM save bunches of money if they built only five checkout lanes instead of thirty? Never more than that open, anyway.