Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tale of the Three A.M. Blog Post

A marvelous idea for a blog post slapped me upside my mind at three o'clock in the morning.  This happens.  All too frequently.  I lay abed and composed it.  This is good stuff.  So l edited and polished it, refined it, perfected it.  Four-fifteen I make a trip to the little room next door, return to bed.  Shiver a bit to get warm again, run the post through my head one more time.  It is perfect!

I slept.

After I showered and dressed, eight o'clock, I went to the computer and logged on.  Brought up blogger to write my post.

I could not remember. One. Single. Word. Of that perfect gem.

I wrestled with this throughout the day, convinced that ere nightfall I would recover my work.  Not so.  Not one inkling.  But I do remember that it was an absolutely wisdom-of-the-ages, polished and perfected, ready for the world



Grace said...

Been there, done that! Also shower time - write great little essays, get all pruney, by the time I can reach a keyboard or a pen and paper - gone.

Secondary Roads said...

It must be a common experience. I keep a pad by my recliner. Around 3 AM this morning, I wrote two lines on it. Part of a poetic project based on Genesis Chapter One.

vanilla said...

Grace, then you are one who can truly empathize with my plight in this regard.

Chuck, but you wrote down the two lines, a reminder of the subject. Had I written down one line I would have been home free. No pen or paper at my bedside, though.
I am reminded of the story of Mrs. Pinchot or whoever, who kept a pad at bedside to record the wee hours inspiration and awoke on morning with excitement, grabbing her pad to read the wisdom of the ages which she knew she created in the night, and read

Hogamus Higamus
Men are Polygamous
Higamus Hogamus
Women Monogamous

Which, by the way, modern science(?) questions.

Lin said...

Oh no! I have yet to compose any blog posts while I lay there thinking. I'm always too busy worrying about silly things that disappear with the morning light.

You don't remember any of it?? rats.

vanilla said...

Lin, no, it wasn't rats. But I recall not a word.

Vee said...

Rule one for writers. Have a pad and pen by your bedside. Mid-night thoughts never return.

vanilla said...

Vee, biggest lie I tell myself: I don't need to write that down; I'll remember it.