Tuesday, March 14, 2017


No getting 'round it: today is π day.

Make mine pecan.  (Aren't all mathematicians a little bit nuts?)

The printer dropped his tray.  Everything was pied.



Secondary Roads said...

Pied? Isn't that what "punkin chunkers" when their missiles self destruct?

Okay, today is pi die, but beware tomorrow.

vanilla said...

Chuck, that mid-month thing is a dangerous time. I'll ask my cousin in Maine about that.

Grace said...

First sentence: okay
Second sentence: okay
Third sentence: ????
Fourth sentence: ????

Thought of you yesterday, I was googling something in the images mode and got math jokes! None of which I understood.

vanilla said...

Grace, third sentence seems harsh, yet apply this logic:
Mathematicians are human; all humans are a little bit nuts: therefore, all mathematicians are a little bit nuts.
Fourth sentence: tray = type case. Perhaps I should have written "type case."
(Math jokes: aimed at specialized audience; only funny if you are a little bit nuts.)

Grace said...

I'm still not following - 4th sentence is all that gobbledy-gook. 3rd sentence is the printer tray thingy. 2nd sentence is about the pecan pie, of which I heartily approve.

vanilla said...

Grace, wish I had some pecan pie right now! 3rd: printer drops tray, type is jumbled, as shown in 4th.

The snow gave us a dusting and a miss. Thankful people here.