Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Peace and Tranquility

 What is wrong with this picture?  Hint: Taken January 21 at 40o 17' N latitude, mid-continent 871 feet elevation.
Still life, kitchen island.  Well, used-to-be life to which I have now given life again by consuming pictured items.

Puppies.  What's not to enjoy?

A month ago the bulbs were in a shipping container.  The taller one is 25 inches today, bud beginning to open.


Grace said...

And this weather pattern makes me fear what Mother Nature has in store for us come February...and then...PUPPIES!

vanilla said...

Grace, we may indeed have something yet to fear, but. . .PUPPIES!

Vee said...

Favorite - you with the puppies. (You big softie you.)

vanilla said...

Vee, yeah, yeah. Fun for an evening, but we sent them all home.