Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Conversation with Random People 18

I am standing at the  pharmacy counter, the  clerk is at  the computer and we are trying to deal with one  of  those government/insurance company/pharmaceutical industry issues that  contravene  the doctor's  orders, if you get my drift.  But that's not what  the story is about.

The clerk disappeared into the inner sanctum.  A man came up to me and asked, "Weren't you a math teacher?"

 "Yes," I said, "once upon a time."

"Mr. Lacy?"

 "Indeed.  And you are?"  He told me his name.  "Sure, you were one of my seventh grade students forty-seven years ago."

"Sounds about right," he said.  "You  used to dye your hair a lot darker."

Always appreciate a guy with a sense of humor.  We chatted a bit about his children and his grandchildren.  The clerk rejoined me at the counter and Pete went on his way.


Grace said...

That has to be such a fun and gratifying meet up. I trust the pharmaceutical problem was resolved to your advantage...

Lin said...

Well, that says something that he recognizes you...AND remembers your name after all these years! I think that is a good thing!

vanilla said...

Grace, it was fun. I always enjoy talking with kids from the old days. Most pharm problems can be resolved with money. Unfortunately, in this case it is my money.

Lin, amazing, isn't it? These little catch-up visits are enjoyable.

Vee said...

A special exchange. It's nice to know that are remembered.

Secondary Roads said...

That used to happen to Sylvia. That is until we moved back to our native state of Michigan. Some of those folk still keep in touch.

vanilla said...

Vee, I guess we all like to be remembered.

Chuck, It is great that some of the former students stay in touch.