Friday, March 18, 2016

History, Again

Looking for an arcane historical fact to represent this date I found that Grandfather Opechancanough opened the Third Powhatan War on the Jamestown settlers on March 18, 1644.  It was in this raid that Grandfather John Woodson was slain.

I have touched on this incident in a couple of earlier posts.
Historic Jamestowne National Park Service
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Wikipedia Anglo-Powhatan Wars


Grace said...

I am a little envious of Anglos who can trace their family history rather easily. Us more recent immigrants, of 100 years ago, with funny names and little knowledge of our familial language, can barely make a dent and can't even depend on family members for any kind of accurate information. (My niece seems to think that a child born in 1910 of Italian immigrant parents, one of who did not speak English, would name their daughter Jennifer - seriously?)

vanilla said...

Grace, I understand the frustration with family research given the language barrier and probably sketchy info. Plenty of frustration for me too, though, given the amount of spurious information people put out there. Jennifer? I see the problem.

Marsha Young said...

Glad to read that you are still thinking about the "long view" both behind us and before us. :) Hope your recovery is coming along well.


vanilla said...

Marsha, looking back is just for fun, it is looking forward to the prize of the high calling that is crucial.

Vee said...

I reread the last posts with regard to this in order to refresh my memory. So interesting.

We are learning a lot these days about Oklahoma and Native Americans in that state. It seems that they (Indian Tribes) were herded to the southwest and given the space now designated as the state of Oklahoma. Still owners of this land (known as an Indian Nation), they are very peaceful and prosperous. How times change.

vanilla said...

Vee, the "Indian removal" from the American Southeast and Midwest from 1830-1850 was an interesting chapter in the history of country. Mostly from the first landing of the white man on the Atlantic coast relations with the native peoples has ranged from questionable to shameful. (Manifest destiny.) At any rate, many tribes are "getting theirs" via the expediency of reservation casinos, and more power to them, for idiots who chunk their money into games of chance deserve to be taken.

Vee said...

Many businesses, medical facilities, cultural centers, and other properties and interests in and around Ada, Oklahoma (where Dale is moving) are owned by the Chickasaw Tribe. And they have many casinos - I think close to twenty are located in their nation. They also have golf resorts and family recreation centers. The casino on the Texas border is their most profitable. Wonder why. This is a very different situation from that of those who live in poverty on reservations in north and west states.

The Chickasaw Nation ( a nation recognized by the U. S. Government) is headquartered in Ada and they have had an ambassador to the U.S. When they were herded out of their spaces and sent to Oklahoma, they
"made lemonade from the lemons."

vanilla said...

Vee, interesting. Thanks. The only problem, as I understand it, in the garnering of the white man's riches via casino activity is that some Native Americans are weak, even as we all are, and get caught up in gambling obsession themselves.