Wednesday, March 6, 2013


America's favorite cookie was produced in lower Manhattan.  It was introduced on March 6, 1912.  Over a century later, the Oreo is America's best-selling cookie..  It is not my favorite cookie. There.  I said it.  If you offer me an Oreo, I will eat it with thanks and gratitude, but if I am buying cookies for myself, they will not be Oreos.  Better yet, I may buy a jar of peanut butter and make my own cookies!

Possibly a little known fact is that Oreo was introduced to compete with Sunshine Bakery's Hydrox cookies which had been on the market for a few years.  The popularity of the Hydrox doubtless impelled the people at the National Biscuit Company, later Nabisco, to horn in on the market.  Perhaps this demonstrates two truths.  One, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; and two, an imitation good enough and backed by deep enough pockets can drive the original from the market.

In keeping with the fanaticism of the health nuts, Oreo recently changed their recipe to eliminate trans fats.  I mean, there is nothing America needs more than a "healthful" cookie.  Of course, any benefit could be offset by the introduction of Oreo Double Stuf.  But I don't know that for sure.

The original Oreo Biscuit, as it was called at the time, sold for twenty-five cents a pound and came in a decorative tin.  The company has expanded the product line greatly, offering numerous variations on the original.

Statistical data from Wikipedia.


Shelly said...

My main peeve with the Oreo is that a single cookie, not the Double Stuff, is 70 calories. Ugh.

Jim said...

I don't like the way Oreos get and stay stuck in my teeth. But my kids like them, so I buy them.

I remember Hydrox cookies. They weren't quite as sweet as Oreos, and something about the shortening they used, I think, gave them a less pleasant mouth feel.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is kinda funny. I am not a big cookie person but last week I idly said to Husband - I'm craving Oreo's. Yesterday when we went to the store we were almost to the check-out when I remembered - Oreo's! Scooted back to the cookie aisle and lo and behold they were on sale. I got a package of the regular Oreos and a package of chocolate covered Oreos. The chocolate covered ones are quite nice - a thin chocolate cookie with a thin layer of white stuff, all encased in a dark chocolate - like a Girl Scout thin mint, except thinner. Really nice, tho I should have got the mint flavor - I like mint flavored any thing! O! O! Oreo!

Vee said...

I thought everyone but me liked Oreos. I think the texture is "gritty." I purchase them for Hubby, but I prefer a whole wheat cracker.

Many recipes and ingredients have been changed for the good of the people (and to give those who crave power more power). I dislike the texture of things made with the new Crisco, so I now use lard rather than shortening to make my pie crusts and biscuits.

Secondary Roads said...

I don't care for Oreo cookies very much, and it looks like the heretic community may be larger than we thought.

Tell Vee that the best pie crust is made with lard. Accept no substitutes.

vanilla said...

Lin, wouldn't take too many of them to light up the counter, would it?

Jim, a man who knows his cookies.

Grace, I have not tried the chocolate covered Oreo. You have intrigued me; I think I'll try them.

Vee, I do like those whole wheat crackers! But don't take away my peanut butter cookies. I note, too, that yours will be the best pie crusts anywhere around.

Chuck, so not everyone is crazy about Oreo. I see we are in agreement on the pie crust deal.

vanilla said...

Shelly, please accept my apologies for typing someone else's name on my comment to you. I had just read Lin's account of the snowstorm, and I guess my brain was temporarily frozen.

Pearl said...

I was never a big fan of the Oreo.

But if you have a sugar cookie -- or, preferably, a snickerdoodle, well, I'll rassle ya for it.


vanilla said...

Pearl, ooh. Next time I bake I may make a batch of snickerdoodles.

Sharkbytes said...

Omer loves them but I don't like the flavor of the cookie part. It's doesn't taste like proper chocolate.

I'm chillin' in a motel tonight, so will try to catch up on my favorite blogs.

vanilla said...

Shark, your assessment is exactly my quibble with Oreo. A chocolate goodie should taste like chocolate.

Safe travels!