Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Politics as Usual?

Last evening Governor Blagojevich announced that the State of Illinois would no longer do business with Bank of America, unless and until they met their responsibility under the receipt of government 'bailout' funds.
This morning before daybreak, the Governor was led out of his home in handcuffs and jailed.

Caroline Kennedy, senator-to-be from New York? Already I have heard mention of the 'return of Camelot.' Do we never get enough?
Apart from her political leanings (what chance did she have?), Ms. Kennedy seems a nice enough person and would perhaps represent her state well in the Swamp.
(This appointment assumes, of course, that the "Saxbe Solution" will be applied so that the current senator may take a cabinet post and leave the field open to Caroline.)

And what shenanigan will ultimately steal Norm's seat for Al?

This was never intended to be primarily a political forum, but if one is to share his passions, politics must be included. Oh, that that were not so; but so much of life is politics.. No! you've never 'negotiated' with your spouse?

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