Friday, December 5, 2008

Bratz, Courts, Congress

How many absurdities can one put in a title?

Mattel has won the court battle, at least for the nonce, with the Bratz builders. The deep pockets got their case before a blind judge? Well, justice may be blind but that apparently has little to do with the case. Bratz resembles Barbie only in that they are both manufactured from stuff. What's wrong with consumer choice and market forces making the determination?

Do we institute full-fledged socialism or do we not? Or is it already too late to ask the question? We hear about congress possibly pouring billions into the auto industry, billions of "taxpayer dollars." What no one seems to think about is that it is betting on the come in more ways than one, because those "taxpayers" whose dollars will be pledged haven't in large measure been born yet! What representation do your progeny have in this scheme? What's wrong with consumer choice and market forces making the determination?

Understand that George and Laura have purchased a home in Dallas. Could we go into the whole issue of why anyone, even a president, needs a $2 million house? No, that might offend some of you people who inhabit 6000 square feet of space. The two of you. Need some place to keep your "stuff"? Well, in this case, the cost of the house will be much less than the cost of maintaining a former president at public expense.

There is no accompanying photo in part because Bratz are not so photogenic, Barbie is insipid, and none of my greatgrandkids live in this house. Thankfully.


Just say Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's not a women's only blog, just very rare to find male bloggers, so I tend to be a bit more female friendly :) I'm in awe of your ability to survive till retirement teaching middle schoolers. I am not sure I'll make it to my 10 year service award. Sometimes I'm not sure I'll make till semester!

Is there irony in the fact that my word verification is tortur? That sums up the weeks between thanksgiving and christmas at a middle school!

vanilla said...

And thank you for visiting.

I do recall the "tortur" between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately for you, I suspect it has gotten even more difficult since my day.

Press on. Keep the faith.