Wednesday, November 11, 2020


 Yes, you will believe this because, though it seems implausible, you know that I am a reliable scribe who would not mislead you.

Imagine you are a man of a certain age.  Your spouse dies.  You expect that her income will no longer come into the coffers.  You are right.  What you didn't count on was that you would be getting bills for increased premiums on insurance policies which are already paid and in effect.

I am not making this up.

Explanation:  "You are now a widower, that is, a single male, which puts you in another risk category, therefore the premium is a bit higher."  ("A bit" is well in excess of a hundred bucks, which may be "a bit" in some budgets.  Maybe.)  Anyway, you reply, "So because my wife died I am now a worse driver?"

"Oh, no, sir, It does not make you a worse driver, but it throws you into another risk category.

I have not been treated with such disrespect and inconsideration since I was a single man under 25, and that may or may not have been a higher risk category.  Go figure.


Jim Grey said...

My mom found out after my father died that the world offers a number of surprises of this nature to the newly widowed. If this is the only one you encounter, count yourself fortunate!

Secondary Roads said...

"And I say to myself, 'What a wonderful world.'"

Lin said...

What the heck??! Could they explain the new risk? I use asking....they just sock it to us however they can. I imagine it's going to get worse for all of us moving forward.

vanilla said...

Jim, it is early on at this point, deal with one issue at a time.

Chuck, it is that!

Lin, and of course we are taught that without government oversight such entities will steal from the people, so we create a vast bureaucracy to oversee them and then grant them a license to steal! For a fee, of course.