Friday, April 17, 2020

Puzzling in these Puzzling Times

Okay then.  We were back at it during our "incarceration."

A Christmas puzzle in April?  Certainly.  The story of the Saviour's birth is good anytime, and it is more likely that Jesus was born in April than that his birth was in December.

Difficulty rating:  very high; challenging, but not beyond our skill level!


Secondary Roads said...

One amateur astronomer has posited that 12/25 was the date of the magi's visit. Check you tube for Bethlehem Star. It very interesting. If you don't find it let me know and I'll find and kick you the link. Merry Christmas!

Lin said...

You are master puzzlers...I have no doubt you pounded that out quickly! Looks tough!

I think the subject matter is timely, no matter what the calendar says.