Monday, February 10, 2020

Charge! In Charge

Team infiltrated into the territory of Mortal Enemy. Separately, of course. One here, another there, another and another elsewhere. As the number of members on Team increases the danger of being captured increases exponentially. That is, an ideal Team consists of One agent, but this mission required no less than Two since One cannot be in two places at once and synchronicity of action in two sites was imperative. The risk is quadrupled. But to facilitate coordination and to insure accurate feedback Control thought it prudent to send the third agent. And for a reason totally inexplicable Contol added a fourth agent, thus increasing the likelihood of capture sixteen-fold.

No member of team was happy with the decision, yet all members acquiesced in silence. One does not question Control.  It is called “Control” for a reason. And the team was captured. And incarcerated. Team members languished in prison, plotting escape, of course. Telepathically. Because no two members of Team were held together and not one of them knew the fate of the others.

Until at sunrise one cold February morning when they stood together, hands bound, facing the firing squad. Mortal Enemy gleefully announced the execution, or rather, that is, The Great Victory over the nefarious invader, the hatred for whom is forever fixed in the hearts and minds of all denizens of Mortal Enemy.

Control was terrified and scuttled like cockroaches when the light is flipped on, justifiably seeking cover, for the vengeful character of Charge! was well-known. Charge! viewed all things, and particularly all people through the lens of self-interest. To reject an appointment, or an “offer of service to the people” is to earn the undying disdain of Charge! He will forever castigate and berate the offender. To accept the service is to insure that the will of Charge! is carried out, that is until the servant questions him as a matter of conscience or crosses him inadvertently due to a communications glitch. Charge! in the words of David P. Torbet, “practices a scorched worth policy-- burns his friends to find his enemies.” He despises losers. And a loser is anyone who disagrees with him.

Though Charge! is firmly supported by his base, he is not without opposition. The Disloyal Opposition, Discharge! mans the ramparts with her cadre of minions and consistently plays the role of Flea on the Behind of Charge!’s administration. Charge! stands at the peak of the pyramid of like-minded followers. Discharge continues the never-ending assault to the unfortunate end that the very fabric of society is snagged. Then ripped. Then torn to shreds and the country descends, nay, plummets into Chaos.

And thus is no more.  Mortal Enemy finally achieves its goal of complete domination, and without firing a shot. Except for the shots of the aforementioned firing squad.

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