Sunday, October 6, 2019


Yesterday was the birthday of
BBBH. Before you chastise me for failure to make mention of the fact consider that I was so busy during that day making the lady happy that I didn't have time to blog.  If you follow her on her Facebook page you know how many birthdays she has had but I won't tell.  Fewer than I have had, suffice it to say. When I asked her earlier how she wanted her birthday celebrated she said she'd like to have a wiener roast with fire pit and all that good stuff. So I gathered a bunch of supplies and her youngest son very kindly invited us to have the party in his backyard because he has a fire pit and a lot of firewood and all that sort of thing so we wandered over to Frankfort and an awfully lot of people showed up which made her very happy and of course in turn made me very happy.

We are resting now.

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Secondary Roads said...

Must have been a great birthday (I wanted to spell it "berth") celebration.