Thursday, August 8, 2019

Mid-America Threshing and Antique Show, 45th Edition

The featured marque this year is Case. The history of the J.I. Case Company is nicely done on Wikipedia if you are interested.

I arrived at the fairgrounds on this beautiful summer morning.  Like the show itself my camera featured Case.

I wonder how many Case owners know that J. I. Case once owned a racehorse named Jay Eye See which set a record as a trotter, was injured and rehabilitated and nine years later set a record as a pacer.

Then beautiful yellow flowers along the creek bank for my enjoyment on the ride home.


Grace said...

Oh my favs! I really like those last ones - old, beat-up, worn and wonderful.

Secondary Roads said...

One of my neighbors farms with a couple of Case tractors.

vanilla said...

Got to like old machinery that tells a tale of usefulness.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I think it amusing that case and IH once Fierce competitors are now both owned by the same conglomerate.