Wednesday, June 5, 2019


 A few days parked at Chain o' Lakes State Park.

 Visited a small zoo.

 Saw some cool courthouses.  
Columbia City, Whitley County

 Albion, Noble County

 Small car show.  She called it "The Red Bitch."
Said he lavished more attention on the car than he did on her.

Much pleasure with friends Rebecca and Don.

Their lovely bit of paradise.


Grace said...

Lots of lovely fun things to look at ! Love that car! and the building in Albion....

Secondary Roads said...

It seems wrong to paint that "bitch" red. However, it is the owner's option.

vanilla said...

Grace, Albion is a lovely old town, many Victorian era buildings, houses. Lots of pride going on in that community.

Chuck, a '30s roadster in red just seems, well as you said, owner's option.

Lin said...

How fun!! I'm glad you got away, did some camping, sightseeing and visiting with friends.

vanilla said...

Lin, much needed. Hope to do more soon.