Sunday, May 12, 2019

Until Then

Is this blog dead?  Well you might ask, for I seem to post infrequently.  I ran this site on a near-daily basis for about nine years, slowed down a good bit in the tenth and now it looks as though it is coasting to a stop.

A few years ago I wrote a piece on blogs that lie dormant.  The questions I addressed were

  1. Why does this blog lie dormant?

  2. Why did this person try blogging in the first place?

  3.  Did this blogger cave to some other social medium?

I have written several drafts from time to time saying "goodbye" to the blogosphere.  Never posted any of them.  Now I find that though I don't use the space much I don't really want to abandon it permanently.

So, Dear Readers, I have appreciated your support, and should the "juices" start flowing again (you may think "sap rising") something new might appear here.


Grace said...

I go into hibernation periodically, from all social media, because - well, lots of reasons, all personal. Keeping you on the blogroll means that when you do post I'll know. I know you are publishing your stories in your local newspaper, and you post that on FB but they are so hard to read that way!

Lin said...

I keep mine active, but private. That way, it blocks spammers from linking your blog or taking over...which has happened to me twice.
Do I always have a post? Nope. So, I don't write if I don't have anything. BUT...I do like the opportunity to write it down, even if there are only a handful of readers.

I hope you continue to post every now and again. I would miss you! I know our presence on social media is limited, so I like the blog to see how you are doing. Please keep in touch, however you choose to do it.

Jim Grey said...

Through feed readers we'll all be here whenever you decide to post!

Secondary Roads said...

Looks like we are in the same boat, brother. I have taken pix with the thoughts of a post to go with, but it doesn't happen. This blog will be monitored and new posts will be read.

vanilla said...

Grace, I am rather hoping it is hibernation, but who knows when or if motivation will strike again?

Lin, I have observed your approach and it seems to work well for you and of course I always enjoy reading your posts when they appear.

Jim, I truly appreciate my "following" limited though it is. Some of you have been with me many years.

Chuck, the same boat indeed. And that begs the question, "Has it anything to do with the inevitable aging process? Not that we are old, and you are certainly not nearly so old as I, but still. . .

To all the readers of "String Too Short to Tie" and "Bob Warr and Picket Fences" it has been gratifying to know you have been here with me. Be well, and check in here from time to time.