Sunday, February 24, 2019



February's last week
Bright sunshine
Gentle breeze
Warmth flows across the frozen earth
Out of Season.


The heart leaps! Spring is near!
Be not deceived
These latitudes are not relieved
Of winter's ice and cold
This soon.

A respite brief
Yet some relief
From long chill
Set in the bones.

We'll take it.

Then hunker down
'Twill soon be past
Prepare for next cold
Snowy blast.

We'll survive.


Grace said...

Delightful! (and yes, so deceitful...teasing meanie...)

vanilla said...

Grace, nice but brief respite from the ice and snow; but not fooled: we know that's not over yet!

Secondary Roads said...

Very strong winds here on Sunday and again today (Monday). I agree 100% with the sentiment of your poem.

vanilla said...

Chuck, we had serous winds Saturday night and Sunday. Snow tomorrow!