Friday, September 15, 2017

Salamonie September

The shores of Salamonie with trails and trees and tents
Beckoned warmly to us so off we went
We took our RV, though, we don't do tent anymore
'Cause we'd never get our butts up off the floor.
(without a derrick)
Four wonderful days in God's great outdoors
Then we had to come on home, more's
The pity.  Doctor app't, that's kinda funny
We're not sick, Doc needs the money.
(true that)
That car is pretty as cars used to be
And most the people in our group, you see
Are older than this vehicle
And this thought has to tickle--
(better preserved, too!)
Kent and Ricky joined us, too 
As they often are wont to do.
They hiked, I sat
Walking? not much of that.
(good times!)
This photo by Kent Harrison.
Image may contain: plant and food


Grace said...

So that's where you've been! Glad you were away because of good times!

Secondary Roads said...

Yee hee! They're off to Salmonie.

vanilla said...

Grace, getaway: refreshes mind and spirit. The body: meh.

Chuck, it's a social outlet; get to see people for a change.

Lin said...

That's GREAT! I wish I was camping too...although I don't mind the tent.

vanilla said...

Lin, tents are great for the younger set.

Vee said...

Fun times. Now on to winter.