Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thanksgiving Day. A national holiday, a day set aside specifically for the purpose of reflecting on our blessings and expressing thanks to our Creator and Provider for the blessings we have.

Are we truly thankful? And should our thanks be expressed only on a designated day? Thankfulness is an attitude of the heart; to be thankful and to give thanks is a choice. We need to be in such a posture every day of our lives, come what may.

Searching (yes, I used text search on the digital Bible) I find the phrase "give thanks" thirty-four times in the KJV. The phrase "praise the Lord" appears thirty-two times. Doesn't it seem that we are under a very powerful injunction to choose thankfulness and offer praise and thanksgiving?

As Pastor Doug pointed out this Sunday past, thankfulness is expressed by the words of the mouth and by the works of the hands. Be thankful: praise the Lord. Be thankful: help someone.


[While the accompanying drawing may look like it was done by my eight-year old great granddaughter, it is in fact mine. So much for artistic ability. And when I sent it to my friend, Nina, her response was that that is a pretty scrawny looking bird, doubt if it will feed the family.]

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